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The followings are talks I gave in the open source communities. Since I have devoted most of time to my research, the list is expected to grow much slower from now on.


Introduction to Snakemake Sep 05, 2017
Ding Lab, WUSTL


Bioconda, UpSetR, and Snakemake Dec 27, 2016
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

多語系 Sphinx 與 Python 官方文件中文化 Jun 3, 2016
PyCon Taiwan 2016

Genomics in R May 16, 2016
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

Django-Q: Django Task Queue Mar 7, 2016 Web Meetup

使用 Python 官方說明文件 Feb 25, 2016 Web Meetup


Chinese Search Sep 14, 2015
PyCon China Shangai & Guangzhou 2015, and MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

Aiohttp Usage Jul 14, 2015 Web Meetup

HDF5 Use Case Jun 7, 2015
PyCon APAC 2015/TW

Convolutional Neural Network From the Ground Up May 18, 2015
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

IPython Parallel Introduction Apr 27, 2015
Kaohsiung Python User Group


Data Science Introduction Jun 25, 2014
Foxconn Kaohsiung Data Center

Categorical Data Analysis in R Jun 23, 2014
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

Python Virtualenv 101 Jun 19, 2014

Interative Visualization with R May 25, 2014
7th China R Conference (Beijing)

Handy Parallel(Distributed) Computing in Python May 18, 2014
PyCon APAC 2014/TW

Statistics in Python with R May 17, 2014
PyCon APAC 2014/TW


R Visualization using ggplot2 Dec 6, 2013
Taiwan R Conf, ad NTU Econometrics TA class

Statistics and R Nov 16, 2013
R training program by OSSF, Taiwan R User Group, and NCHU IT Club

Hello, ggplot2 Jul 01, 2013
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)