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The followings are talks I gave in the open source communities. Since I have devoted most of time to my research, the list is expected to grow much slower from now on.


Genomic Data Processing and Visualization in R Nov 28, 2022
R Ladies Taipei

Snakemake—simple data processing for researchers Sep 25, 2022
Taipei Bioinformatics Omnibus


Genomics in R Mar 27, 2019


Introduction to Snakemake Sep 05, 2017
Ding Lab, WUSTL


Bioconda, UpSetR, and Snakemake Dec 27, 2016
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

多語系 Sphinx 與 Python 官方文件中文化 Jun 3, 2016
PyCon Taiwan 2016

Genomics in R May 16, 2016
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

Django-Q: Django Task Queue Mar 7, 2016 Web Meetup

使用 Python 官方說明文件 Feb 25, 2016 Web Meetup


Chinese Search Sep 14, 2015
PyCon China Shangai & Guangzhou 2015, and MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

Aiohttp Usage Jul 14, 2015 Web Meetup

HDF5 Use Case Jun 7, 2015
PyCon APAC 2015/TW

Convolutional Neural Network From the Ground Up May 18, 2015
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

IPython Parallel Introduction Apr 27, 2015
Kaohsiung Python User Group


Data Science Introduction Jun 25, 2014
Foxconn Kaohsiung Data Center

Categorical Data Analysis in R Jun 23, 2014
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)

Python Virtualenv 101 Jun 19, 2014

Interative Visualization with R May 25, 2014
7th China R Conference (Beijing)

Handy Parallel(Distributed) Computing in Python May 18, 2014
PyCon APAC 2014/TW

Statistics in Python with R May 17, 2014
PyCon APAC 2014/TW


R Visualization using ggplot2 Dec 6, 2013
Taiwan R Conf, ad NTU Econometrics TA class

Statistics and R Nov 16, 2013
R training program by OSSF, Taiwan R User Group, and NCHU IT Club

Hello, ggplot2 Jul 01, 2013
MLDM Monday (Taiwan R User Group)