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About me

I’m a Ph.D. student in Li Ding’s Lab at Washington University in St. Louis. My research focuses on cancer protegenomics in two directions. I process and analyze CPTAC proteognomic datasets (mostly glioblastoma) to better understand the disease and potential treatments, and I also build tools and databases to assist the analysis.

You can find my academic publications here, or my CV here.

Before graduate school, I interned in Microsoft Research Asia and Pinkoi, where I had a lot of fun in imaging deep learning and Chinese/Mandarin text search. I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. Back in Taiwan, I went by liang2 (pronounced as liang-liang). While in the United States, my lab calls me Bobo. I was offered with two options at the time, LB and Bobo, so you know why I picked the latter :)

I was active in Taipei Python and R programming communities and enjoyed giving talks. You can find my previous talks here. I give much less talks nowadays, mostly because I’ve been working on quite specific bioinformatic topics for a while so it’s harder to find the audience. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my stuff and I’d love to share.

You can find me on Twitter or by email. My current GPG key is 0x69BAE333BC4DC4BA with fingerprint 978B 49B8 EFB7 02F3 3B3F F2E5 69BA E333 BC4D C4BA. My previous GPG keys include:

  • 0x44D10E44730992C4: 85DF A3EB 72CD DE7D 3F2A 127C 44D1 0E44 7309 92C4 (2016.12 to 2018.10)
  • 0x30A45011B233544E: 6ECD C5B8 235C D44D 2471 866E 30A4 5011 B233 544E (2015 to 2016.12)

How to pronounce my (nick)name?

To pronounce my nickname in Mandarin (liang-liang), just repeat the same pronunciation lia-ng twice (Pinyin notation is liàng). Google Translate pronounces it right. You can find out what liang means on Wiktionary and moedict.

My Mandarin name is 王亮博. The three characters // maps to Wang/Liang/Bo, respectively (links have their individual meaning and pronunciation). Last name (王/Wang) goes first in Mandarin. Google Translate pronounces my full name right.

(This page is also available in Mandarin)