Add code block language name into CSS classes in Pelican Markdown

I used Pelican and its Markdown plugin to render blog post.

Recently I was playing with the Python Official Documentation, which has a decent code syntax highlighter powered by Pygments.

What’s more, the output of code examples can be toggled. That is, a code example:

>>> print('Hello World')
Hello …

Blog defaults to HTTPS

簡言之,現在 blog 使用 https。一般的 http 連線會被重新導向至 https。

Blog 本來就是架在 GitHub Pages 上,其實預設有 https,但在網址改成自訂 domain 之後 …


Blog 對我來說,最重要的就是書寫的舒適度。

一開始在設定 github CNAME 的時候就訂為,但一直以來都只是個一頁式的自我介 …