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About me

(This page is also available in 中文)

Hi, I’m Liang-Bo Wang(王亮博). Most people call me 亮亮 (or liang2, pronounced as Liang-liang). In the United States, people call me Bobo since it is easier to pronunce :)

I’m studying Computational and Systems Biology as a Ph.D. student in Washington University in St. Louis. My graduate advisor is Prof. Li Ding. My previous interns include Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and Pinkoi. I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan.

You can find my CV here.

Programming (communities)

Before studying in St. Louis, I was active in Taipei Python and R meetups and enjoyed giving talks. The full talk list can be found here.

I speak fluent Python (especially 3.x) and R. My daily research relies on Python scientific computing stack, such as Numpy, pandas, Jupyter(IPython), matplotlib, and Cython. For statistics, I use R more frequently and communicate between Python and R using rpy2.

During my master’s training, intern, and my free time, I’ve written a few websites based on Python web frameworks, including Django, Flask, and Bottle. But I won’t claim I know much about web development. See my github for proof.

Contact me

Contact me through Twitter or email. If private info included, my public PGP key has fingerprint:

978B 49B8 EFB7 02F3 3B3F  F2E5 69BA E333 BC4D C4BA

Or find me on Keybase.

My previous PGP keys:

  • 0x44D10E44730992C4: 85DF A3EB 72CD DE7D 3F2A 127C 44D1 0E44 7309 92C4 (2016.12 to 2018.10)
  • 0x30A45011B233544E: 6ECD C5B8 235C D44D 2471 866E 30A4 5011 B233 544E (2015 to 2016.12)

How to pronounce my nickname?

亮亮 is composed of single character, , repeated two times with same pronunciation, lia-ng. Mind the pitch because in Mandarin different pitches have different meanings. The pitch is similar to how people say shoot!.

Google translator gives an acceptable pronunciation. However, I’d like to recommend an online dictionary, moedict (萌典), for its accurate pronunciation and thorough content.

means bright in Mandarin.

How to pronounce my name?

I’ll assume you’ve already known how to say my nickname, because my full name, 王亮博, should be two levels harder :)

Google translator still does an acceptable job here. Also, following the link to moedict, click on each character will lead you to their definition pages, where their meaning and pronunciation can be found.

王亮博 maps to Wang / Liang / Bo word-by-word. Last name (王) is first stated in Mandarin but when written in English, it follows the common English nomenclature.